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The State of the (Writing) Nation: Maria Tumarkin

Photo of Maria Tumarkin

The State of the (Writing) Nation is an annual address from a prominent Australian writer. It’s a chance to reflect on what’s happening, and where we’re heading, in Australian literature and publishing. 

This year, Maria Tumarkin will give the address. Tumarkin is the author of four books, including the multi-award-winning creative non-fiction work, ‘Axiomatic’, and is a recipient of the prestigious 2020 Windham Campbell Prize. 

In her address, Tumarkin will propose ditching two widely-used arguments for literature as a public good deserving of support: literature’s necessary for the health of the nation (1); and literature heightens empathy (2a) and makes us better people (2b). Why ditch these arguments? Because, Tumarkin will argue, they are dead ends. She will outline less anodyne, more urgent ways of speaking up for writers and readers in 2020.

Jean Bachoura, who was mentored by Tumarkin through the 2018 Next Chapter scheme, will also deliver a short reading. Writers Victoria patron Christos Tsiolkas will host the event.

Presented in partnership with The Wheeler Centre, with all proceeds from this event supporting the Disadvantaged Writers Fund.


State of the (Writing) Nation: Maria Tumarkin

Broadcast: Tuesday 17 November
Time: 6.15pm-7.15pm 
Tickets: Pay what you can
Host: Christos Tsiolkas
Speakers: Maria Tumarkin, Jean Bachoura
Official Bookseller: The Sun Bookshop


Book now via The Wheeler Centre.

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