Summer School is here!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Writers Victoria

The weather is warming up and our 2017 projects are winding down. We're happily stashing our winter coats back in the cupboard and enjoying the first juicy mangoes of the season. That's right – summer is in the air, and summer for us means Summer School!

In January, we're bringing you a host of Summer School workshops to kickstart your 2018 writing year. From novel writing to romance, pitching to picture books, we hope you'll find something to energise your writing life in the new year.

Novel writing

Whether you're itching to get stuck into a new project, or in the process of refining your manuscript, there's a novel workshop to help you get there.

Summer School: New Year, New Novel

Summer School: Editing Your Novel



Get the facts on pitching to publishers, breaking into new markets and publishing your own work.

Summer School: Writing for the Education Market

Summer School: Going Indie - Successful Self-Publishing

Summer School: Pitching Memoir and Non-Fiction



Write unique and memorable characters, explore short story or genre fiction, or learn to write inner conflict that propels your plot forward.

Summer School: Memorable Romance Characters

Summer School: Crime

Summer School: Short Story

Summer School: Writing Conflict in Literary Fiction

Summer School: World Building



Hone your essayist's voice, learn the art of writing from art, or get a publishing industry insight on pitching your non-fiction book idea.

Summer School: Mastering the Personal Essay

Summer School: Pitching Memoir and Non-Fiction

Summer School: Ekphrasis: The Art of Writing from Art



Learn the tools of good critique, or spend a day learning all about picture book writing.

Summer School: The Art of Feedback – Giving and Receiving Criticism

Summer School: Writing Picture Books