Performing your poetry

Friday, September 15, 2017
Amy Adeney

The Salon Does Subscriber-thon

Does the idea of sharing your poetry with an audience fill you with a mixture of excitement and dread? Performance Poetry tutor Omar Musa suggests: “Cut your teeth on poetry open mics — the crowds are very forgiving and it’s not crazily high stakes, but you can pick up a lot of tricks by observing others; seeing what works and what doesn’t.” Like anything, Omar adds, the initial act may be one of bravery and risk, but performance improves with practice.

As part of the annual Writers Victoria Subscriber-thon, The Salon will be hosting an evening of poetry. The reading is free and open to all to enter, providing a perfect foray into performance for writers hesitant to take to the stage.

Writers Victoria Membership Officer Sarah Vincent says “Having an opportunity to perform your work in front of a friendly, supportive audience is a great way to test a piece and push yourself as a writer.” If you have a poem you’d like share at the event, you can find details of the submission process here.

Not all poets jump at the chance to read their work at a traditional open mic night however. “Performance poetry in bars with your Crocs glued to the floor, not by verse but by antique beer, is not my idea of the elevation of the word,” laments award-winning Australian writer Bruce Pascoe. Leave your Crocs at home and join us at The Salon Does Subscriber-thon, for a glass of wine and an evening of poetry in the comfortable confines of the Writers Victoria library.

If Performance Poetry is an area you’d like to explore further, grab a spot in Omar Musa’s upcoming workshop, in which participants will have the chance prepare and rehearse their poetry for the stage.

About Amy Adeney

Amy Adeney is a Writers Victoria intern. She is a primary teacher and founder of Busy Bookworms, a bookclub for preschoolers.