AS Patric wins 2016 Miles Franklin Award

Congratulations to WV tutor AS Patric for winning the 2016 Miles Franklin Award for his novel 'Black Rock White City', announced last week at the opening of Melbourne Writers Festival.

The book is set in the 1990s and follows the life of a couple, a former poet and academic, who escape war-torn Yugoslavia and end up living in Melbourne as cleaners.

AS Patric is tutoring our forthcoming course Novella: The Perfect Form of Prose Fiction, which is held on 16 Oct. Study craft and technique, character development and narrative function, voice and tone, ideas and aesthetics specific to the novella, with a focus on how to deploy your skills practically. Move away from literary mimicry as you build an awareness of the clichés of conception and form and emerge better equipped to write a unique and vital novella. More information here.