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Member Milestones: 15 February 2022

Member Milestones: 15 February 2022

Writers Victoria sends our congratulations to those who are celebrating recent writing and publishing successes. Catch up on all of our our latest member milestones below!



Anna Sublet has won third place in the inaugural Strange Days 2021 Writing Award, judged by Helen Garner, for her piece ‘Life Buoy‘.

In her judging notes, Garner wrote: “I was struck by its light touch, the vividness of its physical world, its sense of breathless waiting and then of release and gratitude.”

Anna says: “I wrote, with some trepidation, and without thinking to really share with others, about the time between getting a form of diagnosis and then being caught in navigating that space. I worked with lots of watery images, through a feeling of underpull and currents, of sinking and rising. There was also a sense of breathing through turbulence and holding on. I am a little daunted that it is now out in the world. (I doubt I’d have entered this piece into anything, but the chance that Garner might read my words gave me the push to enter. Thank you, Helen!)”

You can read Anna’s piece on the Moonee alley Libraries website here.


Ashley Goldberg’s debut novel ‘Abomination‘ will be published by Penguin Random House Australia on 3 May 2022. It has been listed as a compelling and compassionate debut about friendship, faith, family and identity. 

‘Abomination’ was shortlisted for the 2020 Kill Your Darlings Unpublished Manuscript Award.

Copies are available to pre-order here.




Cathy Koning’s book ‘Life Blood: Lessons from one woman who survived serious illness against the odds‘ has been self-published via her imprint Silver Moon Press. In the book, Cathy chronicles her cancer journey for readers seeking a better understanding of what it’s like to be patient trying to survive against the odds. Says Cathy, ‘I decided to call my cancer the little c rather than the Big C. I wasn’t going to give it that much power over my life!’

The foreword to the book is by Dr Russ Harris, bestselling author of ‘The Happiness Trap’.

A note of thanks from Cathy: ‘I’m so appreciative of everyone who has been by my side as I got to this point – family, friends, Dr Russ Harris for the Foreword, those who provided testimonials, my editor Amanda McMahon, cover artist Marina Jović, book designer Sophie White, my self-publishing mentor Julie Postance from iinspire media and website designer Kellie thenetgirl.com.au who created my website. And the Alfred Hospital for saving my life.’

Read more about ‘Life Blood’ on Cathy’s website, and order your copy here.




Ellina Zipman’s poetry collection ‘Through My Jewish Eyes‘ has been published by Poetica Publishing in the US.

Copies are available to purchase via the publisher here.




Eugen Bacon‘s black speculative short story ‘The Failing Name‘, and the covers of her collections ‘Danged Black Thing‘ and ‘Saving Shadows‘, have been longlisted in the 2021 British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) awards.

Recorded Books has also acquired the audio license for her upcoming Afrofuturistic dystopian novel, ‘Mage of Fools‘.




Fiona Lowe’s 6th HQ Fiction novel, ‘A Family of Strangers‘, acutely observed, sharp and absorbing – an insightful exploration of the pain and beauty of modern family ties, is released on March 2. Copies are available to purchase here.




Gayelene Carbis has won second prize in the Newcastle Poetry Prize 2021 for her poem ‘After ‘Still Life with Babette’s Jug #2’.

Gayelene has also had poems published in ‘Australian Poetry Journal 11.1’, ‘Overland’, ‘Silver Linings: Anthology’, ‘POEM FOREST (Red Room)’, ‘SETU’, ‘Bilingual Literary Journal in Hindi and English (U.S.)’, ‘Live Encounters – Special Edition, Australian and New Zealand Poets’, and ‘Eureka Street’. 



Margaret Taft has published her latest biography ‘Leo and Mina Fink: For the Greater Good‘ with Monash Publishing. Copies are available to purchase here.




Meg Hughes published her memoir ‘Never Too Late To Tell‘ in 2021. The memoir is a tribute to an amazing young man who lives on through its pages.

Copies are available to purchase here.





Sandra Carmel has published ‘Natural Awakening‘, a steamy, sci-fi, time-travel novella, officially released on 3rd February 2022. Copies are available to purchase here.


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