A change of name

Thursday, June 30, 2011
Roderick Poole

Dear VWC Members,

As we approach the middle of the year, and the air turns decidedly chilly, I thought I would write with some news. The chilly air may bear a whiff of change.

We have new members on the Committee of Management and a renewed partnership with the National Trust (Victoria) on the horizon; our first online course was launched to regional members (and sold-out!), and we are part of the new national writers’ organisation, Writing Australia. Next week we add to the ‘new’s with the first edition of our updated e-news (you’ll love it!).

2011 has so far seen the VWC experiencing the best attendance for our program of courses and events in its history. Our move to the Wheeler Centre, while providing lots of positives like all our new literary neighbours, has also created some confusion in the minds of the public regarding our identity. As both the VWC and TWC have the word “centre” in common, there have been some mistaken assumptions about which organisation does what.

We are anxious to clarify these perceptions and strengthen our name. We are also working towards being less “centric” in our focus, by increasing our reach for regional and interstate writers through an increased online presence.

We are therefore considering a change of name to our organisation, both to clarify our brand, and to celebrate the exciting changes we are moving through. The preferred option at this stage is a change to the name, “Writing Victoria”.

Other options that have been considered are Victorian Writers, Victorian Writers Inc, Victorian Writing, Vic Writers and Writers Victoria. Those names beginning with ‘Victorian’ were not favoured as they can be seen to have the unintended reference to the Victorian period. Writing Victoria has an authority about it as well as being broad in scope and welcoming.

A change of name will require a formal decision from the membership via a special general meeting. We plan to hold this meeting in August. Formal notice will be given via email and our e-news as soon as a date is confirmed.

In the meantime, if you have comments or suggestions regarding the name change, please feel free to include them in a reply to this email. We would appreciate receiving these on or before 15 July.

I thank you in advance for your thoughts and hope that you are as excited as we are about the progress we have made and the changes ahead.


Roderick Poole, Director