2017 Member Survey results

Friday, September 15, 2017
Writers Victoria

Many thanks to everyone who completed our annual member surveys earlier this year.

We use the surveys to support and improve the work that we do, develop new project ideas, and make sure our program is responding to the needs of our members and writing community.

Who are our members?

Surveys were completed by 305 members (2016; 180), 33 lapsed members (2016; 259) and 175 non-members (2016; 72).

These 305 member responses represent approximately 8.83 % of our total current membership base of 3,451 members.

Of the members who completed the survey most indicated that they live in the CBD or inner suburbs of Melbourne; 42.62%. Over a quarter live in the outer suburbs of Melbourne; 28.85%. Over a quarter live in regional Victoria: 26.89%. Only 1.31% live interstate and 0.33% live overseas.

Of the members who completed the survey 80% identified as female and 18.79% male.

The age range of members surveyed, in ascending order, is as follows

< 18 (.37%)

18-25 (1.83%)

26-35 (12.82%)

36-45 (20.15%)

46-55 (21.61%)

56-65 (19.05%)

66-75 (18.32%)

76+ (4.76%)

Just over half of the members who responded are emerging writers (50.65%) followed by early career writers (32.35%). About 14.71% are established writers who have at least one full-length work published or performed.

What members earn

The total number of responses indicates members make income across multiple streams, writing, other arts activities and non-arts activities.

The average percentages in each were;

  • Writing 14.83%.
  • Other arts activities 12.42%.
  • Non-arts activities 72.77%.

What members value

Overall members who responded rate their experience with Writers Victoria as above average (43.26%) or high (37.08%).

Information is the most important service provided by Writers Victoria, followed by discounts to WV courses and events, and The Victorian Writer magazine.

Members also valued public events (like The Salon) and discounts on participating retail outlets, festivals, etc.

What members want

Members considered topic or content to be very important (95.39%), then price (62.72%) and finally presenter or tutor (53.38%). Of some importance was the venue (46.39%) and distance from home (45.51%).

Members were very interested in weekend afternoon activities (64.23%), followed by weekday evenings (40.81%) and weekday full days (39.58%).

Members were very interested in one-day courses (58.39%), as well as in social activities like The Salon or Program Launch (56.67%) and evening 1-3 hour events (36.11%).

Areas that members would like to learn more about included;

  • Publishing/getting published
  • Short stories
  • Poetry
  • Novels
  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Manuscript editing.

With thanks

We’ll be using the information provided in these surveys to help shape our services and better meet the demands of writers around Victoria. Thanks again.