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Short stories, features and poems from our writing community.

Photo of Debbie Lim in front of a beach at sunset. A small sailboat can be seen on the horizon.

He understands the bones of little fish.
The way each spine will set in stone
beneath the weight of forests, sediment,
the collapsed strata of years. How
many times has he lifted those skulls
with a minute brush, blown dust
from the space their fins once radiated?

Photo of Deborah Cass

Emerging Victorian writers from migrant backgrounds are invited to apply for the new Deborah Cass Prize.

The granddaughter of Jewish immigrants, Deborah Cass became a prize-winning professor of International Law at the London School of Economics. On learning that she had cancer, Deborah left her academic career to focus on creative writing. She had a number of short fiction pieces published, but was unable to realise her aim to complete a novel.

With generous support from family and friends, this prize aims to help someone from a migrant background find a voice for themselves...

Black and white photograph of Loretta Miauw

Lesson 1: Sun Hun- Body Itchy
I am restless and impatient
like the child who is sun hun
desiring to be naughty
Meaning: body itchy
For happenings to happen
I want you to graze on my skin
ever so slightly
moistening every inch
exasperating my body itch

Hand-coloured vintage photograph of a Chinese woman

These are the things I know to be true about my grandmother:

1. She is beautiful.

2. She has tattoos for eyebrows.

3. She was almost raped by a Japanese soldier during the war.

4. She lost two children.

Black and white photograph of LIa Incognita, wearing glasses

shanghai is hungry for babies

the city grey under grey
white hairs, concrete, glass and fog...

Write-ability title screen

In 2014, Arts Access Victoria and the University of Melbourne undertook a research project to investigate the creative case for inclusive arts practice as it relates to people with disability.

The Beyond Access research project developed a number of videos designed to raise awareness of the amazing and diverse work produced by artists with disability.

We are very proud that our Write-ability program was included as one of the Beyond Access case studies. In this short video, Director Kate Larsen and WV tutor and Write-ability Fellow Carly Findlay talk about the program...

Photo of Bella Li

Bella Li wrote her first poem in primary school, but wasn’t formally introduced to poetry – in the form of poets such as Tennyson, Poe, Pound and Eliot – until high school. She didn’t start writing poetry again until her first year at university. “The poems I wrote were particularly hideous, although at the time I thought they were okay,” says Bella. “This makes me nervous about what I am writing now.”

Emerging Writers' Festival 2015

For the second year in a row, writers with disability will take over The Salon during the Emerging Writers’ Festival.

This poignant and political event will showcase stories from six emerging writers: Jax Jacki Brown, Carly Findlay, Claire Barnier, David Maney, Nicki Bielinski and Daniel Kirby.

Photo of Jax Jacki Brown

“There is power in minorities telling their own stories,” says Write-ability Salon host Jax Jacki Brown.

Brown is a feminist, disability and queer rights activist and spoken-word performer with a BA in Communication and Cultural Studies (honours) which focused on the intersections between queer and disability identities.

Photo of Sarah Widdup lying on a pink sofa, covering most of her face with a bowler hat. The text reads: "It's the hum of our biology" and "Write-ability"

Sarah Widdup was one five writers with disability who received a Write-ability Fellowship in 2014.

The Fellowships, a joint initiative of Writers Victoria and Arts Access Victoria, enabled Sarah to work with mentor Matthew Hooper.

Enjoy an extract from Sarah’s novella, ‘Skeletons of Character’...