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Wonderful Life

One day I go walking at dusk. 

I hear the birds whistling and cold wind blowing.

Walking into the distance I follow the track.

Sometimes I leave the track for a place I can call my own

A peaceful place where I can do and say whatever I like.

No one gets in my way or tells me what to do.


Suddenly I see the lights in the sky, crystal clear,

Stars starting to appear: they sparkle in my eyes.

It’s the time when nature’s spirits are calling me,

Like a hug from Mother Nature.

Connecting and contacting me,

Guiding me along to a place unknown.


The bush helps me feel grounded. 

I remember times when I was younger.

I reflect on how much I’ve grown and who I am now.

Wiser, caring for nature and the people I meet along the way.


I can teach others about animals.

They are caring, like my dog Skylar.

A dog’s journey in life has a purpose. 

They could even be a Guardian angel.

Now it’s time to leave my peaceful place, returning to my natural form. 

Nature is an important part of my wonderful life.



Stuart has also written and recorded an original song, ‘In the Darkness’. You can listen to it at the following link: https://soundcloud.com/user-494381491/in-the-darkness-by-stuart-chaplin/s-TF54taiu0bO.


Stuart R Chaplin is a poet, musician and songwriter living in Mildura who was highly commended in the 2019 Dulcie Stone Writing competition.

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