My Experience With Anxiety

Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Matt Robertson

Matt Robertson in the ArtGusto studio, pen in hand, creating "My Experience with Anxiety"
Artist and writer Matt Robertson creating his prizewinning "My Experience with Anxiety"


For this year’s International Day of People with Disability, Write-ability is featuring two very different storytellers, memoirist and 2019 Write-ability Fellow MJ McArthur and graphic artist Matt Robertson, one of the winners of this year’s Dulcie Stone Writing Awards.


Matt Robertson's comic is a step by step, user friendly guide to managing the lows of anxiety and depression and coming out the other end intact. In open, friendly, practical prose, that fits beautifully with his colourful and original art, he offers hope and positivity, modelling acceptance and understanding of the journey anxiety takes him on. His accepting, calm and tolerant approach brings us to a happy ending, and the understanding for the reader that dark times pass, and it is possible to choose the light.



Artist Matt Robertson is always thinking of his art and what he is going to create next. His quirky narratives delight audiences, his characters come to life on paper and his instinctual use of colour gives a beautiful glow to his drawings. Matt also works in film and animation and hopes to further develop this aspect of his art practice. Matt’s work has been exhibited and sold in a number of shows including The Geelong Gallery and Deakin Edge Gallery Federation Square Melbourne. For more information, contact