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International Day of People with Disability: Anat Bigos writes for Creative Control

Staying Positive While Staying at Home

My name is Anat Bigos. I had a traumatic car accident while driving in 2004, resulting in an Acquired Brain Injury. Prior to this, I finished my double degree studies at Monash Uni in Arts/Business (marketing) and I was looking forward to my future plans. I’d spent a year as an exchange student in Chile and I really enjoyed travelling around the world.

I still speak a few languages and luckily, this part of my brain was not overly affected.

After my accident, I spent 3 months in a coma and one year in rehabilitation. My balance no longer works very well, hence I now need help with walking. Also, my speech isn’t clear, my memory isn’t working very well and many things I do are quite slow.

It’s true that I have lost many abilities but luckily, I still enjoy writing. Right now, my iPad is my best friend, but I try not spend too much time with it! I wrote the words below while sitting in “iso”:

It’s quite easy to feel rundown at the moment, especially as a disabled person. Most people in this world have at least one problem. What I’ve seen and heard, is that some people can speak for hours about their problems!

It is true that many people with an acquired disability like mine often feel extremely lonely. This is because they’re battling their new-found difficulties, while their previous friends have moved on in their lives.

Personally, I have lost many things such as the ability to walk, balance and remember well, but luckily, I haven’t lost my positivity. What makes me happy is the knowledge that it’s so easy to smile. A smile doesn’t cost anything and is an act that can be done on your own. Laughing with yourself or at yourself is easy too.

During the last few months, many people have been drastically affected by the Covid virus and while it’s difficult to speak favourably of a pandemic, it’s not so hard to become accustomed to this lockdown lifestyle, if you aren’t used to leaving your house very often.

 For me, the simple act of waking up healthily every day brings me joy! This statement can seem ridiculously simple, but it’s such a great feeling to know that I can be happy with the right mind-frame! I really adore reading a good book. It’s great to read about other people’s lives. An important part of staying sane at home includes watching my favourite TV shows and getting some free endorphin hormones, along with a little bit of exercise – ideally in the sunshine!

People should always remember what they have rather than what they don’t. This works for me.


About Anat Bigos

Anat Bigos is a writer who completed a double degree in Arts/Business (Marketing) before her life was disrupted by a car accident in 2004 which left her with acquired brain injury. Sharing her experiences through writing is a vital part of Anat’s life.

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