I Am

When I am painting I am on my own, but I do not feel lonely.  My brain and my mind are full of pleasure and are at one with the creation on canvas I reveal at the end of my brushes.  The colours of the paints make me feel relaxed and filled with joy.  All of the past and present are only in this moment of me.

All of my past dimensions of hurt and pain are in that moment put aside. I cannot hear the voices of torment whilst I am amidst all this colour and each stroke of paint. 

My imagination is entitled to this freedom – freedom for myself, my paint and my strokes. All of the colours are filled with emotions expressed freely, coming into life as they emerge from the tube that confirms my freedom and unlimited power.

No criticism can be accepted, this is freedom of my spirit, open and honest. My performance is unlimited, so is my desire and passion.

My paint does not have to have rules, this is just between myself and my art.   Now is the time for me to be free, and to give myself permission to be me. The ugliness of the world is far away as I paint my creations.

I love to paint Kookaburras because they are a bird I grew up singing a happy song about as a young child at school. I see them as a cheerful bird of nature and love hearing them singing and laughing, just being who they are as nature intended.

My favourite colour is Orange, it is such a bright and vibrant colour and reminds me of life.  I only discovered this was my favourite colour when I was recovering in hospital from my brain surgery to save my life.  A lady I knew came into visit me and she was holding a bouquet of Orange tulips for me. The colour was so brilliant it was as though I was seeing colour for the very first time. This was the start of my new life.

Twelve months post-brain surgery I was drawing in note pads and colouring in with beautiful Derwent colouring pencils. This craving and urge to colour was too strong to ignore.  I started painting – I had to. – It is a wonderful source of therapy and relaxation and my time to be close to myself.

I’ve painted over one hundred paintings to date. I have donated many to raise funds for local charities. 

My painting is my new found hobby and friend. Painting found me.

I Am.

Glenys Ratcliffe is a writer and artist who attended the Mildura Write-ability  program. It is in the freedom of expression of creativity that she is able to experience cathartic wellbeing and oneness of her art with self.

Write-ability Goes Regional and Online was funded by the Australian government through the Department of Communication and the Arts’ Catalyst—Australian Arts and Culture Fund. 

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