Here be writers

Friday, September 1, 2017
Kate Larsen

Notebook and glasses on a map
The map says: here be writers

A love poem to Writers Victoria from outgoing Director Kate Larsen...

The map says: here be writers.
Here be wrights and smiths of words.
Here be storied ground
with songlines sung
for 40,000 turning worlds.
Those who take imaginings
and bake them into stone.
And those who whisper further
that the ear could ever know.

Here be architects of present tense
and keepers of the past.
Here be makers shaping building blocks
to words – from first to last.

Here be those who know the rules
and how to break them.
Here be those who know the fonts.
Here be those who know the secrets
of the margin size
and who know why
that every time we argue over spelling
we make something new,
when language takes a breath.

The map says: here be experts,
those who passed the test and wield
poetic licences with pride.
Here be Poet, Twitter Poet.
Here be words in all their types:
shiny cyborgs, ancient tomes
and in between.

Here be builders
taking scrabble tiles
make meaning from the blanks
and then adding up the value
when they’re done.

Here be some who use the alphabet
as tools to dig or fly.
Here be makers and the breakers
of our codes,
with every keyboard stroke
a semaphore of sentences
or message made of hope.

Here be weavers.
Here be workers.
Here be stories, poems, songs.
Here be culture,
here be power,
here be all there is to come.

The map says: here be writers.
Thank you, all.

About Kate Larsen

Kate is a writer, poet and arts manager with 20 years’ experience in the not-for-profit, government and cultural sectors in Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom. Kate is passionate about the arts (and, of course, about her first love: writing). Her alter ego (Katie Keys) publishes a tiny little poem every day on Twitter. Kate was Director of Writers Victoria from 2013 to 2017.

cc image from Pexels