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‘The Victorian Writer’ magazine has long been a valuable resource for Writers Victoria members and aspiring writers across Australia. You can now purchase issues dating back to 2008 – that's almost ten years worth of writerly advice and insight!

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WV members are invited to attend the 28th Annual General Meeting of Writers Victoria for the 2016 calendar year and cast their vote for four new Committee of Management members.
Photo of Sarah Vincent

Those of us who write or work in literature exist within a world of words. But sometimes words still fail us. Like when WV's own Sarah Vincent asked me to launch her lifestyle memoir, ‘Death by Dim Sim’.

Ann-Marie Priest at the Adelaide Writers Week lecturn

Ann-Marie Priest of Queensland was announced as the winner of the 2017 Hazel Rowley Literary Fellowship at the Adelaide Writers Festival last night. The announcement followed the Hazel Rowley Memorial Lecture, given by Maxine Beneba Clarke, the 2014 recipient of the Fellowship for her memoir ‘The Hate Race’.

A portrait of Michael Shanks

Writer, director, actor and visual effects guru Michael Shanks wears many hats. Ahead of his Writing for YouTube workshop, WV intern Nicola Wetzel caught up with him to talk about the pleasures and perils of doing it all yourself.


Photo of Toni Jordan

For Toni Jordan, writing is all about timing and empathy. WV intern Nicola Wetzel caught up with Toni ahead of her workshop on dialogue and character to talk about how to keep readers engaged, and why she’ll always be a hopeless romantic.

Photo of Maxine Beneba Clarke

According to Maxine Beneba Clarke, short fiction is about searching for a vision of perfection. WV intern Nicola Wetzel caught up with her ahead of her Short Story Bootcamp to talk structure, voice, hope and writing to create change.

Portrait of Dave O'Neil

You have to play to your audience, says Dave O’Neil. Ahead of his upcoming comedy writing workshop. WV intern Nicola Wetzel caught up with Dave to find out all about his approach to writing comedy.

Photo of John Marsden

John Marsden says he’s always been suspicious of ‘inspiration’. Ahead of his workshop on plot, people and language, WV intern Nicola Wetzel asked him about writing, educating and beating writers block.

Photo of Angela Savage

For Angela Savage, great crime writing depends of pacing and suspense. WV intern Nicola Wetzel interviewed Angela ahead of her Crime writing workshop in partnership with the Castlemaine State Festival to find out more.