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Melbourne CBD: Inner North Writing Group

Writing can be lonely business, and it is nice to have some company in the joy (and sometimes, in the misery). This is a group for writers who want to write together; and perhaps occasionally, drink some coffee or wine, or attend literary events together.

We will meet once a month at 9.30 am on a Saturday for a coffee, will write for a few hours and then collect together to discuss our writing. I am also interested in discussing/supporting each other through the business side of publishing. Also open to other meetup/event suggestions – especially when lit fest season commences.

Just to note that I would love it if people who attend are committed to their writing (regardless of stage of writing) and are able to understand and respect the needs of other members —I want this group to be inclusive, respectful, safe and nurturing for all.

If interested, please join this group — we meet approx once a month in a central location.

Updated April 2022

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