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Brunswick: Brunswick Poets’ & Writers’ Workshop

Email:[email protected]


The Brunswick Poets’ & Writers’ Workshop meets at 7pm on the first Thursday of every month (excluding December and January). They meet in the community room of the Campbell Turnbull Library which is located at the back of the library.

Please contact us by phone or email (details as below) before attending the workshop. Thank you. 



Thanks for your email enquiry about:

The BPWW writing/poetry workshop.


Writing like some other creative fields is limited.


Although we have a large database of: Followers,

members, attendants, at all levels of accomplishment:

Writers, don’t regularly attend writing groups.

When they do, it’s infrequently.

It’s when they have a writing dilemma, to gain feedback,

glean creative options, or let others read their work,  

to test out audience reaction – and so on and so forth.


It is not worthwhile when small numbers attend.

But in the past, we plodded along. Then arrived: Covid-19.


In the aftermath, we have had infrequent meetings,

but in the main, it is all now done via email, (until further notice).


So, if you desire feedback and creative advice on your: Poem,

short-story, Ms, essay, outline, literary draft…


Or you seek direction or topic prompts, or anything else:

Then email us samples, questions, anything.


Lastly, sometimes, an explanation or response may be too long to 

grudgingly type out, fix typos, grammar etc.

In that case, a meeting would be suggested.

I would suggest Brunswick Library: Sydney Road Brunswick.

Or you could suggest another venue.


Yours Sincerely,


Brunswick Poets & Writers Workshop

Fonda Zenofon

Editor/creative consultant/Ms assessor/admin.  

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