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Volunteers are the butter to our bread, the honey to our bees, the rock of our Gibraltar! Volunteers generously donate their time so we can continue to support and connect writers all over Victoria (and beyond).

What do volunteers get out of it?

Volunteers have the opportunity to gain work experience, network, meet interesting people, make valuable contacts or share their expertise with their writing community. They can also attend seminars for free, and sleep soundly knowing they are helping Writers Victoria thrive and grow.

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers assist with workshops, seminars and other Writers Victoria events, often after office hours or on weekends, with duties such as: setting up the workshop spaces meeting and greeting speakers and guests operating a “roving mike” distributing and/or collecting evaluation forms talking about Writers Victoria at info stands and events assisting with mail-outs, filing, cataloguing and data entry.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email [email protected].

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