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The Victorian Writer Jun Jul Beginnings

Whether we’re finding our way into our very first story or braving that first submission, or facing yet another blank page, or struggling to find the right opening lines, as writers, there are so many ways for us to begin.

In her role as competition judge, Annabel Smith has read many bad beginnings and has some tips for crafting a winning opener; Ruby Ashby-Orr, Senior Editor at Affirm Press, shares advice for writers about to embark on the submission process; Emily Brewin charts a writer’s arc, from yearning to publication and beyond; Clare Rhoden considers the various ways to begin a story; as Meg Dunley faces another blank page she finds useful parallels in starting over in life more generally, and Nancy Langham-Hooper explores the value of looking to our beginnings and seeing only their humble attempts at something better.

We also feature new work from members June Alexander, who looks at the connection between eating disorders and keeping a diary, and Su-May Tan, who questions whether a writer should really give up the day job.

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