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The Victorian Writer: Feb-Mar: Doing It For the Kids

The Victorian Writer: February/March 2019, 'Doing It For the Kids'

The digital edition of The Victorian Writer: Feb-Mar is now available for download.

Children’s publishing is flourishing. Bookshops are heaving under the weight of irresistible offerings, exquisitely illustrated and designed, with punchy, poignant stories and vibrant, quick-witted characters.

It’s a great time for writers of books for kids and young adults. There has been a surge in sales in this segment, most notably for middle-grade fiction, driven in large part by adult readers embracing their inner children in defiance of the times. And, although competition is fierce, there are more opportunities for early and emerging writers than ever before through prizes, competitions and online pitching frenzies.

In this issue, we have curated advice and reflection from new and established voices writing for young (and not so young) readers: Ailsa Wild breaks the rules and finds excellent lessons in mistakes, Katya de Becerra shares her experience of launching a YA debut on the global market, Amebelin Kwaymullina looks at kids’ literary labels from Western story traditions and Sharon Kernot explores the narrative potential of the verse novel.

Chrissie Perry wonders why the boys get all the laughs, Sasha Beekman reflects on the publication of her first picture book, Alison Evans explores the experience of writing and editing the second time around, Alex Fairhill has advice for writers looking online for kids’ and YA publishing opportunities and Gabriella Muñoz explores the importance – and celebrates the joy – of sharing books with children.

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