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The Victorian Writer: Dec-Jan: Writing Each Other

The Victorian Writer: Dec 2018/Jan 2019, 'Writing Each Other'

The digital edition of The Victorian Writer: Dec-Jan is now available for download.

When inspiration strikes and the words and ideas are flowing and our worlds are building and our characters are becoming, it can be hard to pull away from the page or screen and ask, ‘Why am I telling this story?’

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about writing outside lived experience. The debate is complex and can be exhausting. In this issue, we endeavour to shine a light on different perspectives of the debate and look at some of the ways we can approach writing each other.

Ellen van Neervan has advice for writing white characters, Zana Fraillon writes about the importance of walking in another’s shoes, Chloe Hooper talks about the ethics of writing about other people in non-fiction, Rashida Murphy on the theft of cultural knowledge, Angela Savage searches for an ethical framework for writers writing across the cultural divide, Hoa Pham addresses racism in writing and Robert Watkins, Head of Literary at Hachette, gives an industry perspective.

Also in this issue, we celebrate Own Voices with Christine Yunn-Yu Sun and Jo Walters, looking at this movement from two unqiue perspectives, and we have new work by Thuy On, Dawn Nguyen and Suzanne Hermanoczki.

Download here.

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