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The Victorian Writer: Aug-Sep 18 – Non-fictional

The digital edition of The Victorian Writer: Aug-Sep is now available for download.

Setting out to do justice to non-fiction with its tenticular reach in thirty-four pages is an impossible task. It is such a various and amorphous genre, encompassing forms such as reference books and educational texts, essays, biography, memoir, true crime, creative and narrative non-fiction, and poetry.

Instead, we check in with contemporary Australian non-fiction, and survey of the work and practice of writers who dance on its threshold, we also explore ways to find, capture and treat your subject and look at how to emerge as a non-fiction writer.

Maria Tumarkin talks to us about non-fiction on the edge, Lee Kofman asks how much ‘I’ is too much in non-fiction, Michael Green writes about the advantages of slow non-fiction, Bri Lee writes justice through memoir, Sam van Zweden confronts cultural cringe and celebrates the diversity of contemporary Australian non-fiction and Kirsten Krauth probes the connections between music and poetry.

Also in this issue, Caitlan Cooper-Trent has advice for scoring a job in publishing and we have new non-fiction by members Jo Burnell, David McLean, Donna Tsironis, and the finalists of Michelle Scott Tucker’s 200-Word non-fiction competition.

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