The Art of Corporate Storytelling

Book a half- and one-day training course to The Art of Corporate Storytelling with Ros Marsden.

Is your corporate language bland? Are you overwhelmed when asked to develop business content? Are you writing ‘journey’, ‘transitioning’, ‘transform’ and ‘evolving’ in every proposal? Learn how to be brave with text and develop a personality for your workplace through imaginative writing. Explore different writing platforms, including social media, and discuss the right words for each. Talk about which words to use in a crisis. And discover that every business has a great story to tell.

Who should attend?

This workshop suits anyone looking to invigorate their approach to writing about and for their workplace. It is for those who want to inject new energy into their business through the power of words.

Learning outcomes

» See how business writing can be creative and energetic.
» Learn how to use fewer words to create a stronger message.
» Find out which publishing platforms benefit from a range of writing styles.
» Learn why crisis communication doesn’t have to be frightening.

About Ros Marsden

Ros Marsden has wide experience as a business communicator and media expert across online and print news publishing, live television production and the not-for-profit sector. She was Communications Manager for Fairfax’s Australian Community Media, a division of over 160 mastheads across regional, agricultural, the Canberra Times and Sydney suburbs. Ros also worked in advertising management at Fairfax, where she taught that effective word use improves commercial outcomes. She currently does media for Uniting Church Synod of Victoria and Tasmania.

How to book

One-day courses from $4,000 (less than $350 per person). Download our Business Writing brochure, or call us for a quote today.

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