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Speculative Fiction Prize Pack Books

Sarah J. Maas ‘Throne of Glass’. From the New York Times best-selling author comes the first book of the series. Assasins, greed, power.

Paula Weston ‘Shadows’. Gaby Winters must find the truth. The first book in the Rephaim series from Australian author Paula Weston.

Ernest Cline ‘Ready Player One’. Winner of the Prometheus Award. Futuristic meets retro in a cyber punk treasure hunt.

Patty Jansen ‘Ambassador’. From the Sydney based author comes a cosmic story. Cory Wilson must save the world…using pronouns.

Allyse Near ‘Fairytales for Wilde Girls: A Novel’. From the Australian writer, delve into the world of Isola Wilde, delicious and dark.

Fay Weldon ‘Kehua!’ New Zealand ghosts in an English backyard is just the start of this story from prolific writer Fay Welson.

Anne Rice ‘The Wolf Gift.’ From gothic writer extraordinaire Anne Rice comes this story of supernatural werewolves and the truth behind the unknown.

Tim Hehir ‘Julius & The Watchmaker’. The first instalment in The Watchmaker Series, Julius Higgins runs from bullies, mystery and time.

Isobelle Carmody ‘Obernewtyn’. The first book of the Obernewtyn Chronicles from world renowned children’s author, Isobelle Carmody.

Felix J. Palma ‘The Map of Time.’ The bestseller published in more than thirty countries. What happens when three people erase time?

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