Writing Tips and Tools

Get tips, tricks and tools on the craft of writing.

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"If you are struggling to find your character’s voice," says tutor Sofie Laguna, "give yourself room to play on the page."

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"Authenticity in writing for children comes not from observing children but from remembering yourself as a child," says tutor Sally Rippin.

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"Fight the desire to procrastinate with every scrap of willpower you possess." says tutor Karen Andrews.

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"Don't lie to yourself about your own writing - keep the lies for the writing," says tutor Sam Cooney. 

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"I would offer two tips to any writer; aspiring or ‘widely published’," says tutor Tony Birch. 

Sofie Laguna headshot

"Choose a topic and write for twenty minutes abut the same topic every day for four weeks," says tutor Sofie Laguna.

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"You need to be clear about the difference between the situation you’re describing in your memoir and the story you want to tell," says tutor Sian Prior. 

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"Be fearless," says tutor Omar Musa. "Good writing is about finding the right word vessel for an emotional or intellectual risk."

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"Good writing is about revealing the ordinary in the extraordinary, or the extraordinary in the ordinary", says tutor Jo Case.

A portrait of Quinn Eades

'The body is love, and art, and song', says The Body, Writing tutor Dr Quinn Eades. 'It is the telling of a story, not the story told'.