Writing Tips and Tools

Get tips, tricks and tools on the craft of writing.

headshot of Van Badham

“To form a political impression is easy,” says WV tutor Van Badham.

Van was an award-winning theatre-maker and paranormal YA novelist when her vitriolic tweets on political subjects came to the attention of the Guardian, Australia.

headshot of Alison Croggon adjusting her glasses

“Always tell the truth,“ says WV tutor, writer and theatre reviewer Alison Croggon.

Alison was the 2009 Geraldine Pascall Critic of the Year and ran the influential review blog Theatre Notes for eight years. She has reviewed for the Bulletin, Australian, Guardian and ABC. She is also an award-winning poet and novelist.

black and white headshot of Bethanie Blanchard

“Turn off the internet, hide your phone and just write what you believe to be fair and true” – words of wisdom from WV tutor and mentor Bethanie Blanchard.

Bethanie is a freelance writer and critic based in Melbourne.

Photo of Karen Andrews in front of a full bookshelf

Blogger and Writers Victoria tutor Karen Andrews of Miscellaneous Mum shares some advice about entering the world of blogging.

Karen is an award-winning writer, author, editor, poet and publisher. Her work has appeared in Island, Meanjin, the Age, The Australian, Sunday Life and many other publications. Her latest book is Crying in the Car: Reflections on Life and Motherhood. She has been blogging as Miscellaneous Mum since 2006.

Photo of Anna Krien

“If you want to write a story, then write it,” says WV tutor Anna Krien.

Anna is the award-winning author of Night Games: Sex, Power and Sport, Into the Woods: The Battle for Tasmania’s Forests and Quarterly Essay 45 – Us and Them: On the Importance of Animals.

headshot of Karen Andrews

Words of wisdom about not procrastinating from WV tutor, mentor and blogger Karen Andrews (aka Miscellaneous Mum)…

Karen is an award-winning writer, author, editor, poet and publisher.

Laura Jean McKay sits in front of banners that read Writers Victoria and The Write Place

In the first month of her 2014 Online Short Story Clinic, WV tutor Laura Jean McKay shares her tips for giving and receiving feedback...

Photo of Kelly Gardiner

While it’s tempting to share all those fascinating facts you discover in your research, WV tutor Kelly Gardiner explains why we can’t…

Kelly is a writer, journalist and editor. Her books include the young adult novels Act of Faith and The Sultan’s Eyes; a picture book, Billabong Bill’s Bushfire Christmas; and the Swashbuckler historical adventure trilogy for young readers.

picture of Kate Bell in front of a painting of an ocean wave

Writers Vic tutor and erotic fiction writer Kate Belle says that a writer’s emotional truth is “the wolf in the narrative forest”.

Kate is a multi-published author who writes dark, sensual contemporary women’s fiction.

Photo of Alison Goodman

“Give your character a clear intention at the beginning and then open the gap,” says Writers Vic tutor Alison Goodman.

Alison is the author of EON and EONA, a New York Times bestselling fantasy duology which has sold in 18 countries.