Writing Tips and Tools

Get tips, tricks and tools on the craft of writing.

headshot of Rob Meldrum

“Still the clamour of the rational brain and give the word time,” suggests WV tutor Rob Meldrum.

Rob has worked in theatre for 40 years as an actor, director and teacher.

headshot of Archie Fusillo

“Writing is about understanding the power of words,” says WV tutor Archie Fusillo.

Archie’s work includes novels, short stories, plays, feature stories, critical essays, reviews and advertising copy.

headshot of Peter Barry

“The skills required to write a great advertisement are not that different from those required to write a great novel,” says WV tutor Peter Barry.

headshot of Leena van Deventer

“Is your story better off told from a non-linear perspective?” asks WV tutor Leena van Deventer.

Leena is a writer and game developer from Melbourne.

Photo of Laura Jean McKay

In the fifth and final month of her 2014 Online Short Story Clinic, WV tutor Laura Jean McKay shares her tips for resolving short stories...

headshot of Narelle Harris

“Don’t be afraid of rewriting or deleting imperfect text,” says WV tutor Narrelle Harris, “Taking words away is still writing.”

Narrelle writes crime, horror, fantasy, erotica and non-fiction.

headshot of Lisa Jacobson

“In order to write,” says WV tutor Lisa Jacobson, “a person must have money and a room [or a kitchen table] of one’s own.”

Lisa is an award-winning poet and fiction writer.

headshot of Myke Bartlett

“If you’re not sure what you’re saying, then nobody else will,” says WV tutor Myke Bartlett.

Myke is a journalist and novelist based in Melbourne.

headshot of Robert Gott

“Writing is all about perseverance', says WV tutor Robert Gott.

Robert has been a professional writer for more than 25 years and has written 90 books.

Photo of Angela Meyer on a rooftop, with a townscape behind her

“Go deep into your fears, desires and curiosities when writing,” says WV tutor Angela Meyer, “but bookend your work with comfort.”

Angela is a Melbourne-based writer, editor and literary journalist.