Writing is active, the romance is in working

Photo of Laura Jean McKay
Laura Jean McKay
28 November 2013
Laura Jean McKay

Words of wisdom from WV tutor, member and writer Laura Jean McKay about getting on with the act of writing.

Laura is the author of Holiday in Cambodia, a short story collection that explores the electric zone where local and foreign lives meet. Her writing has been published in The Best Australian Stories, The Big Issue, Women of Letters, Going Down Swinging and The Lifted Brow.

Update: Laura will be running a one-day Summer School workshop on The Ethics of Using Real Stories in Fiction at Writers Victoria in January 2017.

Laura's Writing Tip

A photo of Laura Jean McKay with the text, "Waiting for a tram to arrive isn't considered romantic, but the notion of waiting for the muses to strike or for yourself to be discovered is. Writing is active, the romance is in working. Those days when you least feel like doing it are the days when you most need to write."