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Photo of Leigh Hobbs
Leigh Hobbs
4 May 2017
Leigh Hobbs

"I think you have to work to find your own voice and write 'from the heart'," says WV tutor Leigh Hobbs.

Leigh is an artist, author and The Australian Children’s Laureate for 2016/2017. He has written 21 books featuring his characters Old Tom, Mr Chicken, Fiona the Pig, The FREAKS in 4F, Mr Badger and Horrible Harriet. Adapted for television and the stage here and overseas, Leigh’s family of somewhat subversive characters have now a life of their own.

Leigh is running a one-day workshop on Creating Kids Books in Words and Pictures at Writers Victoria in April 2017.

Leigh's writing tip

Photo of Leigh Hobbs with the text: I think you have to work to find your own voice and write' from the heart' so to speak. Ultimately the driving force to write or draw, paint, to create in any form I suspect has to be for the love and enjoyment of it. The drive to do it. That's what sustains you in the face of artistic disapointment."

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