Write in invisible ink

headshot of Paddy O'Reilly
Paddy O'Reilly
2 May 2014
Paddy O'Reilly

“Cover your screen or write in invisible ink,” suggests WV tutor Paddy O'Reilly. Who knows what will happen?

Paddy O’Reilly has published two novels and a short story collection.

On this website, you can find a video of Paddy's Plotters vs Pantsers debate with Graeme Simpsion, her conversation with Kelly Gardiner about writing in company, and one of her writing exercises about redrafting.

Update: Paddy will be running a half-day workshop on Editing Your Draft at Writers Victoria as part of our Novel in a Year series in October 2015.

Paddy's writing tip

A photo of Paddy O' Reilly with the text: Every now and then cover your screen or write in invisible ink or do something to hide what you're writing for fifteen minutes, just to see what comes out.