Try the 'four T' approach

Photo of Spiri Tsintziras
Spiri Tsintziras
25 August 2015
Spiri Tsintziras

"To become a successful writer, try the 'four T' approach," says WV tutor Spiri Tsintziras.

Spiri has written several books including ‘Afternoons in Ithaka’, a memoir of self-discovery, family, connection and the power of a tomato. Spiri’s writings have been published in newspapers, magazines and anthologies.

Spiri will be running a Business Writing workshop on Annual Reports in Melbourneand a workshop on This Fascinating Life – Writing Memoir in Woodend in June 2017. And she is available for in-house training through our Business Writing program.

Spiri's writing tip

Photo of Spiri Tsintziras with the text "To become a successful writer, try the 'four T' approach - write in order to harness your talent, make time to write as regularly as you can, call in troops for support and throw in a hefty dose of tenacity."