The body is love, art and song

A portrait of Quinn Eades
Dr Quinn Eades
22 August 2017
Quinn Eades

'The body is love, and art, and song', says The Body, Writing tutor Quinn Eades. 'It is the telling of a story, not the story told'. 

Dr Quinn Eades is a researcher, writer, and award-winning poet whose work lies at the nexus of feminist, queer and trans theories of the body, autobiography, and philosophy. He is published nationally and internationally, and is the author of 'all the beginnings: a queer autobiography of the body', published by Tantanoola, and 'Rallying', published by UWAP. Eades is a Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Studies at La Trobe University, and is currently working on a collection of fragments written from the transitioning body, titled 'Transpositions'. 


Quinn's writing tip

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