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Photo of Rebecca Starford
Rebecca Starford
28 September 2015
Rebecca Starford

"Writing can be a lonely practice," says WV tutor Rebecca Starford, "which is why it is so important to reach out and form networks."

Rebecca is the author of Bad Behaviour, a memoir recounting her experiences at a remote outdoor-education boarding school. She is the co-founder and publishing director of Kill Your Darlings, and an editor at Text Publishing.

Rebecca will be running a half-day Legal Issues & Ethics workshop at Writers Victoria as part of our Memoir in a Year series in October 2015.

On this website, you'll also find Rebecca's writing workout on the ethics of memoir.

Rebecca's writing tip

Picture of Rebecca Starford with the text: "Writing can be a lonely practice, which is shy it is so important to reach out and form networks. Valued readers are integral to shaping all types of writing, and providing you with important feedback, support and motivation during those dark hours at the desk"