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Penni Russon
15 December 2017
Penni Russon

"Set yourself the unreasonable task of making a list of 100 ideas for a story in one setting," says tutor Penni Russon. "The first twenty are likely to be the most obvious (and you may get a bit silly by the end) but you might find some pretty astonishing gems in the middle. By juxtaposing some of the more interesting ideas, you might find you have a pretty interesting premise for a novel."

Penni Russon is an award-winning writer for young people, fascinated by the way that language, the body, philosophy, politics and culture operate in those intense final years of adolescence. She combines writing with study, teaching, parenting and a day job in youth mental health. Her novel, 'The Endsister', will be published in March 2018.

Penni is teaching a workshop on New Year, New Novel in January 2018.

Penni's writing tip

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