Listen without interjecting

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Shivaun Plozza
15 December 2017
Shivaun Plozza

"When receiving feedback, it’s important to listen without interjecting," says tutor Shivaun Plozza. "Really listen. Absorb what is being said and take the time to ruminate on what might be at the heart of the feedback before considering if it is the right advice for your writing project."

Shivaun Plozza is the author of ‘Frankie’, a darkly funny novel about a troubled teen willing to defy her friends, family and the law to find her missing brother. Her second novel, ‘Tin Heart’, is due for release early in 2018. Other works have appeared in anthologies and journals including ‘Where the Shoreline Used to Be’, ‘ELLE Australia’, ‘Text’ and ‘The Victorian Writer’. When not writing, Shivaun works as a freelance editor and manuscript assessor.

Shivaun will be teaching a workshop on The Art of Criticism - Giving and Receiving Feedback in January 2018.

Shivaun's writing tip

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