Enjoy the quirks

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Sofie Laguna
28 September 2017
Sophie Laguna

"If you are struggling to find your character’s voice," says tutor Sofie Laguna, "give yourself room to play on the page. Take off the pressure and put your character in all sorts of situations that may not necessarily be a part of your narrative. Relax and enjoy the quirks and the unexpected moments. Give your character a monologue to deliver on stage. Speak that monologue yourself. Try giving your character a particular detail - the way an actor might put on a particular hat, or accent or hairstyle and suddenly the character arrives, and the actor is free of herself, and the character is in power. Enjoy!"

Sofie Laguna is an award-winning author of over twenty books for children. Her books for young people have been published in the US, the UK and in translation throughout Europe and Asia. Sofie’s first novel for adults, ‘One Foot Wrong’, was published throughout Europe, the US and the UK, longlisted for the Miles Franklin Award and shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Literary Award. Her recent novel for adults, ‘The Eye of the Sheep’, was shortlisted for the Stella Prize and won the Miles Franklin Award. Her latest novel 'The Choke' was released in September 2017.

Sofie will be teaching a workshop on Creating Compelling Characters in October 2017.


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