Consider the five senses

headshot of Richard Cornish
Richard Cornish
7 January 2014
Richard Cornish

“When writing about food, consider the five senses,” says WV tutor Richard Cornish.

Richard is an award-winning food writer whose love of the land leads him to explore issues around food, where it comes from, how it gets to us and why some foods taste better than others.

Richard is a senior features writer for Fairfax Epicure/Good Food, and has co-written five books on Spanish food, one on Mexican food and a recently completed three-year baking book project.

Richard's Writing Tip

When writing about food, consider the five senses. If something is being cooked over wood for example, it is more intriguing describing the onlooking and expectant faces lit by the dancing flames than describing the more obvious aromas of cooking meat. Find the story and tell it through food.