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Wayne Macauley
15 December 2017
Wayne Macauley

"Writing often begins as a conversation with the self," says tutor Wayne Macauley. "Good writers understand that it is also a conversation with the world."

Wayne Macauley is a Melbourne writer who has had numerous works of short fiction published in a variety of magazines and journals. He is a former winner of The Age Short Story Competition and has appeared in the 'Best Australian Stories' and 'New Australian Stories' anthologies. His short fiction collection, 'Other Stories', was published in 2010. He has also published five novels: 'Blueprints for a Barbed-Wire Canoe', 'Caravan Story', 'The Cook', 'Demons' and, most recently, 'Some Tests'.

Wayne will be teaching a workshop on Short Story in January 2018.

Wayne's writing tip

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