Give your characters a distinctive voice

Picture of John Marsden
John Marsden
3 March 2017
John Marsden

"The worst way to bring characters to life is to describe what they look like" says tutor WV John Marsden.

John Marsden has written more than 40 books, mostly for teenagers and children, including 'Tomorrow When the War Began', 'So Much to Tell You'and 'Letters from the Inside'. 'South of Darkness', John’s recent novel for adults, won the Christina Stead Award for Best Novel of 2015. John's passionate interest in education led him to start his own P-10 school, Candlebark, where the motto is "take risks", and every day students ride bikes and skateboards, climb trees, roll down hills and play stick wars. This year John opened a 7-12 school, Alice Miller, at Macedon, which emphasises the creative arts.

John will be teaching a one day workshop on The Garret Series: Plot, People and Language  at Writers Victoria in March 2017.

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