Publishing Tips and Tools

Get tips, tricks and tools on the business of writing and getting published.

This fact sheet 'Writing a Cover Letter and Synopsis' covers what is a cover letter, what is a synposis, and a guide on how to write both. 

This fact sheet on 'Epublishing' covers why you would epublish and how to epublish.

This fact sheet on 'Literary Agents' covers what a literary agent does and where you can find one.

This fact sheet 'Publishing Options' covers the three different types of publishing.

This fact sheet 'Self-Publishing' covers why you'd self-publish and guide on how to.

This fact sheet 'Submitting to Literary Magazines' covers where to look to get published.

This fact sheet 'General Guidelines for Submitting Unsolicited Manuscripts' covers the do's and don'ts of submitting unsolicited manuscripts. 

This fact sheet 'Traditional Manuscript Publishers' covers where to get published. 

Our fact sheet 'Contracts and Obtaining Advice' covers what is a contract and where to get professional advice. 

This fact sheet 'Types of Self-Publishers' covers the three main types of self-publishing.