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The Victorian Writer: Emerging Writers (December 2022–February 2023

This edition of The Victorian Writer publishes the winners and runners-up of the 2022 Grace Marion Wilson Emerging Writers Competition, as well as poetry, non-fiction and fiction from Writers Victoria members.


Emerging Writers Competition Winners & Runners-Up

  • Fiction Winner: Robyn Grace, ‘Sleeping’
  • Fiction Runner-Up: Elsie Mellor, ‘Birdfall’
  • Non-Fiction Winner: Emma-Grace Clarke, ‘The Arboreal Lens’
  • Non-Fiction Runner-Up: Marion Taffe, ‘A Year on Saturn: A personal essay’
  • Regional Winner: Jen Majoor, ‘How Did I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Love Heart Emojis.’

Poems, Fiction & Non-Fiction

  • Peter Symons, ‘Listening to the Story of the Fisher King’
  • Jayne Tuttle, ‘Climbing Mount Purgatory’
  • F.M Papaz, ‘The Shape of My Sorrow’

And of course we have our regulars: Penny Johnson with the Nitpicker, Paul Morgan with the PEN Update, and our member milestones.

Our cover art this edition is ‘Hunting and Travelling the Reef 2’ by Mahalia Mabo.

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