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Morning observations: recovery from hurt

by Sharon Berry

Clinging hope is gone  

Invisible memories spent 

In wisps of darkness turned light. 

Sweet & salt upon our lips 

​​​​​​​Pressed hands, warming 

Rub out the cold. 

I breathe presence of mind​     ​ 

Hear silence, nothingness 

​​Hums of space ​in between.​​ 

Closed eyes see yours 

Silent colour in shaped waves 

Seen and unseen. 

Existing ceases, endless 

In the wells of emptiness 

We abide, adorn, breathe, exist again. 


Sharon Berry is an emerging writer who finds solace and healing in words as she navigates life with chronic illness. She has honed her craft through journaling and participating in the Darebin Writability program, where she has focused on poetry and short stories to express herself and process past trauma. Sharon is drawn to Buddhist principles and has explored how mindfulness, compassion, and meditation can support healing and recovery. 

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