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Lyndel Caffrey

A portrait of Lyndel Caffrey.
Co-Writeability Program Manager

Lyndel Caffrey is a disabled writer, mentor, historian, editor and creative writing teacher. She works to help writers build a deeper understanding of the stories they have to tell and the ways they can tell them. Lyndel writes poetry, historical fiction, and non-fiction, and has been published by ‘Griffith Review’, ‘Southerly’, ‘Poetrix’, ‘Vignette Press’ and newmatilda.com, among others. Lyndel has worked with Writers Victoria and Writeability for many years, as a tutor, mentor, panellist, manuscript assessor, Writeability Goes Regional Mentor and more. This is her third time working as Writeability Program Manager, a program she’s been deeply committed to since it was established.

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