Take risks

Photo of Lee Kofman in bushland
Lee Kofman
30 March 2014
Lee Kofman

“Write only about what feels urgent and what makes you blush” says WV tutor and blogger-in-residence Lee Kofman.

Lee is an Israeli-Australian author of three fiction books. Her short fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry have appeared in Australia, UK, Israel, Scotland, Canada and the US in such publications as Best Australian Essays, Best Australian Stories, Griffith Review and Malahat Review. Lee has been mentoring writers and teaching writing for over ten years.

Update: Lee will be running a Memoir in a Year: Voice & Narration workshop at Writers Victoria in November 2017.

Lee's Writing Tip

A photo of Lee Kofman with the text: My best advice is to write only what feels urgent and what makes you blush. Take risks in your work.