Write like someone is watching

headshot of Carly Findlay on a white background
Carly Findlay
12 May 2014
Carly Findlay

“Write like someone is watching,” suggests WV tutor and disability advocate Carly Findlay. “Use your blog to prove to an editor why you should and can write for their publication.”

Carly is an award-winning writer, speaker and appearance activist – she shares what it’s like to live with a visible difference.

Her work has been published on The Guardian, Daily Life, BlogHer, ABC Ramp Up, Mamamia and in Frankie Magazine. She has a Master of Communication from RMIT University, and completed her thesis on the way blogging can give people with a chronic illness a sense of identity. Carly blogs at carlyfindlay.blogspot.com


Carly's Writing Tip

A photo of Carly Findlay with the text: Write like someone is watching. Actually write like someone influential is watching. Write like someone's going to find you. Especially if being a published author is something you've always aspired to. (This is not to say don't have fun with your writing.) I encourage you to write in such a way that someone would want to publish your work. Blogging is such good practice. I've heard it described by a prominent writer as "an apprenticeship". Use your blog to prove to an editor why you can and should write for their publication.