Bookend your work with comfort

Photo of Angela Meyer on a rooftop, with a townscape behind her
Angela Meyer
10 June 2014
Angela Meyer

“Go deep into your fears, desires and curiosities when writing,” says WV tutor Angela Meyer, “but bookend your work with comfort.”

Angela is a Melbourne-based writer, editor and literary journalist.

A chapbook of her flash fiction, Captives is published by Inkerman & Blunt in 2014, and she is the editor of The Great Unknown, a short fiction anthology (Spineless Wonders, 2013). Her fiction, reviews and articles have been published widely. She has been acting editor of Books+Publishing magazine, has blogged for Crikey, and has chaired writers’ festival panels around the world.


Angela's Writing Tip

A photo of Angela Meyer with the text: Go deep into your fears, desires and curiosities when writing, but bookend your work with comfort: a sunset, s song, a hug, a Simpsons episode