Be ruthless

Photo of Shivaun Plozza
Shivaun Plozza
4 July 2016
Shivaun Plozza

"Before submitting your work, refine it," says WV tutor Shivaun Plozza, "And by 'refine' I mean tear it apart, throw it out, cry and start again."

Shivaun is the author of ‘Frankie’ (Penguin, 2016), her first novel. Her short fiction, flash fiction, essays and poetry have appeared in anthologies and journals including ‘Where the Shoreline Used to Be’, ‘Above Water’, ‘Text’, ‘Vivid ‘and ‘The Victorian Writer’. When she’s not writing, she works as an editor and a manuscript assessor.

On this website, you can read our interview with Shivaun about how to use early drafts as a springboard, her thoughts on her Glenfern Fellowship, or her explanation of what it means to be a manuscript assessor.

Shivaun's publishing advice

Photo of Shivaun Plozza with the text "Before submitting your work, refine it. And by 'refine' I mean tear it apart, throw it out, cry and start again. Drafting is a writer's best friend. Be rutheless, objective and happy to receive criticism. Only submit your work when it's as good as you can make it."