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Memoir Prize Pack Books

Patti Miller‘ The Mind of a Thief’.  Melbourne’s own Patti Miller presents a compelling story of childhood and finding out the truth of her past.

Patti Miller ‘The Memoir Book’. A perfect guide for the Memoir Writer and a reflection upon Patti Miller’s experience as an author.

Patti Miller ‘Ransacking Paris’. Miller weaves together the gold streets of Paris and the gum leaved blue skies of Australia.

Catherine Deveny ‘Free To A Good Home’. Comedian Catherine Deveny hits home with a dose of reality to cure the modern world’s ills.

Raimond Gaita ‘After Romulus’.  Raimond Gaita revisits the world created within ‘Romulus, My Father’, including making the film with Eric Bana.

Monica Dux ‘Things I Didn’t Expect When I Was Expecting.’ Candid and hilarious, Monica Dux delves into the world of making babies.

Sushi Das ‘Deranged Marriage.’ Sushi explores her youth and independence in London in the 1970’s and her upcoming arranged marriage.

Lily Chan ‘Toyo’.  Winner of the 2013 Dobbie Literary Award, Chan presents her Grandmothers incredible life.

Corrine Grant ‘Lessons In Letting Go’. A hilarious and honest memoir from much loved Melbourne Comedienne, Corinne Grant

Luke Ryan ‘A funny thing happened on the way to Chemo’. A comic memoir of getting cancer twice by Melbourne writer and comedian.

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