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FAQs: 2022 Print Membership Change

What’s changing, and when?

From 1 August 2022, we will be charging an additional $15 per year for membership that includes print editions of The Victorian Writer delivered quarterly (“print membership”). All other membership pricing and benefits will remain the same.

Why is this change being made?

We know many of you already enjoy and prefer the digital version of the magazine, some of you don’t mind either way, and some of you are keen to continue to receive a print copy. We also recognise and appreciate that cost-of-living struggles are affecting everyone. That’s why, instead of raising member prices, we are creating a new category of membership – “print membership”. This will help us to subsidise the cost of printing and posting the magazine, at a very modest cost of $3.75 per edition printed and mailed.

As with many people and organisations, we have faced financial pressures over the last couple of years. Alongside a loss in income, we have seen rising costs across the board. We have also been considering our environmental footprint and want to make sure that any paper products we are sending out are intentional and don’t add to the massive volumes of mail waste that increase each year.

How do I change my preference after 1 August 2022?

After 1 August, when you join or renew, you will be able to choose between digital membership (all member benefits and receipt of our member magazine The Victorian Writer electronically) or print membership (all member benefits and a print copy of our member magazine The Victorian Writer delivered in the mail quarterly). If you would like to change option mid-membership period, please email [email protected].

NB: If you are on a print subscription as at 1 August, we’ll honour this until your next renewal period at no extra charge.

This change has now made membership financially inaccessible to me. What are my options?

If you face financial barriers to accessing our membership, or any of our programs, you may be able to get support through The Writers Victoria Fund.

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