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Lunchtime Bite: What Can Writers Learn From Magicians?

Writing is a special kind of magic and writers can learn a lot from magicians. A magic trick is an intricate narrative with a beginning, middle and end teeming with tension, conflict and point of view, set ups, and pay offs. In this session, we will explore writing through the magician’s lens, understanding the elements of a story as the many moving parts needed to create an entertaining and engaging illusion.


  • When: Friday 19 April, 12–1pm
  • Where: Online
  • With: Sarah Giles

About the Tutor

A photo of Sarah Giles.

Sarah Giles (she/her) is a writer and PhD candidate at Swinburne University. She is researching the possibilities of the contemporary short story cycle as a means for exploring women’s experiences of isolation, trauma, mental illness, and relational agency. Sarah’s creative work is informed by the life and art of Joy Hester (1920–1960). Her writing has been published in The Writing Mind: Creative Writing Responses to Images of the Living Brain, TEXT Journal, The Incompleteness Book, ACE III, ACE IV, The Victorian Writer and Lip Magazine, among others. Sarah currently works as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Writers Victoria and the Jewish Museum of Australia. 

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