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Twilight Creature Double Feature: Badger as Mentor

What is it that lures a badger from their den? Why is twilight the time a badger chooses to emerge? There are scientific reasons, of course, but there’s a poetry to the badger’s life, too. This session will take inspiration from this, refiguring the badger as a model for life as a writer, playfully considering lessons that this twilight creature might offer us in thinking, writing and engaging with both industry and community. 

This event is part of our Twilight Creature Double Feature, an evening of themed sessions, embracing the animals of early evening. Sign up for one or both sessions to learn the lessons of badgers and bats. Register for Writing with Bats here.


  • When: Thursday 18 July, 6–7pm
  • Where: Online
  • With: Anna Kate Blair

About the Tutor

A portrait of Anna Kate Blair.
A photo of Anna Kate Blair.

Anna Kate Blair is outgoing Program and Partnerships Manager at Writers Victoria. Her first novel, The Modern, was published by Scribner in September 2023. Anna’s essays, short stories and poems have appeared in publications including Meanjin, Good Weekend, Reckoning, Cordite Poetry Review, Tell Us Who We Were Before Life Made Us, Slow Canoe and Litro and have won awards including the Warren Trust Award for Architectural Writing, the AAWP Creative Non-Fiction Prize and the Wyndham Short Story Prize. 

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